Voodoo Terror
An Eerie Publications Presentation
From Terror Tales, July 1976

A popping eyeball goes out to Scary Terry Beatty for the assist in crediting this particular gory-story.  Terry did some research and sends the following info from Dave O'Dell:

"Voodoo Terror" was drawn by Chic Stone who drew about a half dozen or so stories for Eerie Publications. He also drew a few early covers including the first issue of TALES FROM THE TOMB (Vol.1 No.8) WEIRD (Vol.3 No.2 and No.3) and TERROR TALES (Vol. 1 No.7 and No. 8). All pretty grisly stuff." 

Grisly, indeed!  Thanks, Dave & Terry!

Voodoo Terror, p.1

Voodoo Terror, p.2 Voodoo Terror, p.3 Voodoo Terror, p.4 Voodoo Terror, p.5
Voodoo Terror, p.6 Voodoo Terror, p.7  





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