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All minions are commanded to visit and adore The Claw's favorite supplier of video game goodies:
Hi-Score.us - classic video game nostalgia

There are quite a few fonts in the Empire's Archive which are inspired by video games, and here they all are, in Windows TrueType format.

Click the image to download the font.

G7 delivers a gritty font captured from the lettering used in one of the most addicting arcade shmups ever, and does it with flair.

When computers talk, 256 Bytes  is the font they see in their minds.
8-Bit Limit
8-bit Limit reminds us: "Don't shoot your friends!"
G7 continues the tradition with another font based on the screen text in the famous Sega shooter, one which personally made a fortune from Your Emperor at the local arcade.
Arcade Classic
The PizzaDude delivers some old-school-style block lettering that makes Your Emperor long for the days of the 80's arcade.
Arcade Dingbats
Font-a-licious Fonts has cracked the last problem video game fanatics had...that of how to enjoy arcade games even in the dull, work-a-day world of text.   Mystify your professors, annoy your parents, alienate your loved ones, and endear yourself to all right-thinking gamers with this gorgeous dingbat font.  Click HERE to preview!
Crackman is by Ray Larabie, and is a wonderful Pac-Man inspired font.   There are several little dingbats of video-game-ish images throughout.  Made me want to buy another Namco Classics Disk.  ;-)
The most famous first-person shooter ever, and possibly the best, Doom has now been ported to almost everything including the GameBoy Advance, and now there is truly no escape from the Doom demons.  This font will give you an alphabetical edge when sending Deathmatch invitations.
Hopping Mappy
Picket-fence cute faux-westernized digital madness, courtesy of G7 by way of the madmen at Namco.
Kiki Kaikai
G7 brings us the pixelated spirits of Kiki Kaikai.  No spooks in the font, but creepy, jaggy ambiance.
Ah, the early 90's, when a quarter and a convenience store with a video game meant an afternoon's diversion.  I can still taste the microwaved burritos.  Another slice of digital life from G7.
The small screen gets some readable text, and the savings are passed on to you (and your artwork) in this nifty little easy-on-the -eyes alphabet styled after the text style on a famous (though outdated) portable handheld.  (Read the initials if you're mystified.)
One of gamedom's lesser-known development houses, Imagic created some of the finest games ever made for both the Atari and Intellivision systems.  This beautiful font recreates the distinctive lettering style used on all Imagic game boxes.
A terrifying Space Invaders font!  Now you can experience the horror of space invaders (both traditional and new, letter-shaped) marauding into your documents.
Another Ray Larabie creation, Joystix uses the same font that Namco and other game companies used in the arcade games of the 80's.  This was the second video-game font I'd ever seen (after "Invaders"), and at first I had it tucked away in a "Futuristic" fonts page, which explains the subtitle up there.
Kirby No Kira Kizzu
Now your text, too, can have that digital pink puffy cute factor, thanks to Kirby No Kira Kizzu from Aenigma Fonts.
One of the world's premier game producers now gets the font treatment!  A nifty and easy-to-see alphabet that will "Pac" your artwork with punch.  
Ninja Kid 2
G7 sets you up in 8-bit stealthy style with Ninja Kid 2, a font that's cute but deadly.
Neale Davidson's take on the famous dot-muncher lettering style...simpler lines and construction might or might not be a better choice than Crackman, depending on the size and complexity of your document, but either way you're definitely going to be munching dots.
When it appeared on the Nintendo64, Quake became a video game...hence it's appearance here in my video game font section.   Perfect for that Quake Clan brag page artwork.
With excellent retrogame font Robotron, Meanworks tasks you to save the last human family...in writing!
Run, Coward!
The Claw himself delivers a typeface from the glorious golden age of the 80's arcade!  Now you can order lunch properly, by typing "I HUNGER!"
SF Atarian System
The videogame wars began with the release of the mighty Atari VCS, known to some as the 2600.  The Atari design aesthetic is hereby preserved in Atarian System by ShyFonts. 
SF Intellivised
Taking the battle to the next level, we have Intellivised (by ShyFonts), a font which will give your textwork just the touch of "running man".  Be grateful your mouse & keyboard are easier to use than that controller.
The jewel in Capcom's crown becomes a font!  Although there isn't a lot of text in SFII to use to generate an original font, this entry by Joseph M. Pence comes as close as Your Emperor would care to get...and when you add in the wonderful Capcom SFII dingbats, you have a font that'll give your documents the Dragon Punch they deserve.
Silent Hell of Cheryl
As the fog begins to surround you, the hideous growling comes closer and closer, and your footsteps, unnaturally loud on the graveyard pathway, get faster, but you're not running.  Yet.

From SDFonts.

Space Gimboid
From OMEGA Font Labs, staffed by the ubiquitous Dr. Nimbus, we have Space Gimboid.  It presents us with  classic vector-drawn images reminiscent of Cinematronics spacecraft from years gone by.  This may or may not be what Dr. Nimbus intended.  ;-)
This Emulation
Y'know, eventually there's only going to be one computer, but it'll work like ALL of 'em.
Here we have TRON, from the movie and the video games...still one of the finest cinematic moments in game history, the beautifully hand-drawn TRON font includes several exotic dingbats to help you in your quest to destroy the MCP via the alphabet.
Vector Battle
Another excellent "vector-look" font, this little gem from Freaky Fonts does a great job of giving your text that late-80's glitz.  This font also includes some great dingbats. 
Xband Rough
Play Mortal Kombat on your Sega Genesis with a friend in another city...ah, the good (bad) ol' days...
Videobeast 80's
Wouldn't you like a font that simulates a huge, never-ending game of Pac-Man?  Sure you would.  And AKIHIRO OYA delivers in Videobeast 80's. 

Ray Larabie discovered the one thing missing from modern console emulation...font emulation!  In order to complete the illusion with Zrnic, pretend you're downloading it in a huge line at the mall at midnight on Dec. 24, 1998.

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