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Torment yourself with stuff from The Claw's Cafe Press Emporium! 



Music from Stephen Adams:

Mr. Adams produced a demo disk for his production company - which he named Mediaplex, although a completely different company with no connection to Mr. Adams has that name today - some time in the late 1990's. This CD contained six tracks of music and one radio interview. These tracks are available as MP3s, below:

1. The Ferryboat - Drivin' to Work - Just Doin' my job

2. The Ferryboat - Dance Mix

3. The Ferryboat of Love (closing credits)

4. A Night Like This (from the unproduced film, "The Courier")

5. Wheel of Fortune (original)

6. Dancing Queen (remix of ABBA)

7. FYI Interview with Stephen Adams (The Big, Big Picture)

Stephen Adams 1978 production of "It Could Happen To You" is now available on YouTube.

In the 1990's, terror lived as close as your radio.

Digitally remixed from ancient archive tapes, enjoy this digital timebomb from the gruesome past... 

The Campus Kidnapper (6.4 MB MP3)


Click the picture to download the MP3!
(All songs stored in .zip files)

TRANCE of the 80's arcade

Groove of the Defender

Beware, I live...Sinistar TRANCE
Beware, I LIVE

YouTube video:
PC game

SchmupTRANCE - can you name the games?

And while listening to The Claw's mighty tunes, dig his mighty desktop images:

Berzerk Discs of Tron Splatterhouse Space Invaders

All images above are 640 pixels wide
Yes, by today's standards that's teeny.

NEW!  Complete levels!

Level one

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Choose your resolution:
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Classic Arcade Game Ringtones

These are small MP3 files which you can use as ring tones, if your cell phone supports that sort of thing.

Also, have a few of...
Cell Phone Wallpapers

(oh, god, remember when that was a thing?)
(I used to use these on my Nokia NGage)